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Performance & Elusive Metrics

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We’ve been examining a few interconnected performance management topics and concepts with our latest round of blogs, and there’s still a lot left to discuss.

Let’s start by acknowledging what many others have been arguing for some time: the idea of work itself, particularly in the professional/corporate sector, is shifting considerably with every passing year. We may as well modify that to every passing month, given how 2020’s lockdown steps have forced us all to reconsider our longstanding productivity metrics.

We might argue that the variables fall mostly on the employer side of the aisle these days. Remote work policies and performance evaluation criteria vary from company to company, but employees seem to be drawing from these circumstances a shared set of expectations. More than anything else, they expect a good deal of latitude in terms of how they get their work done and from where. There is a feeling that rigid office-centric work is becoming (or is already) a relic, or perhaps something to be retooled to reflect modern standards.

Offices won’t vanish entirely (call centers might have decades of life left in them), but their functions will be configured to match event- or task-specific needs. Employees themselves will likewise modify their lifestyles and schedules in ways that would have been untenable in a firm “9:00-5:00 at the office” system. As this latest set of changes progresses, professional assessments should mirror and even bolster the policies designed in response to them. This will require leaders like yourself to look upon the new terrain and consider this question: “If key data was going untapped before, what’s going unseen nowadays?”

That brings us back to our “dark matter” case. Even costly HR software won’t serve up the hidden information if it isn’t properly integrated with a system meant to capture just that – the hidden information. Those responsible for establishing assessment criteria will need to implement performance management software capable of catching crucial, telling, and often elusive data which might otherwise go unseen as work structures themselves evolve. Our platform is comprehensively designed and can capture such elusive data, even when mapped onto flexible team and production dynamics.

Your performance oversight and assessment platforms should be capable of responding to change. Even with a fluid management mindset, certain types of employee and worker information tends to resist obvious attention, losing in the process all the data they could otherwise provide. You might remember our agility reference in an earlier post. This is part of that overall mentality, one requiring transparency, frankness, and adaptability. Fortunately, with renaizant around, it’s a good time to be in the platform market.

Are you presently partnered with the platform provider you need?

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